We make permanent structural contributions to the built environment utilizing reinforced concrete.
Construct concrete foundations and erect building frames. Build civil and industrial structures.
Excavation, reinforcing, formwork, placing and finishing, hoisting and surveying.
We work in Galicia, with headquarters in Ourense and Vigo.
Work within numerous delivery and contractual arrangements.

Home Galicia has developed a diverse inventory of specialized competencies that uniquely qualify us as a single source provider of turnkey concrete solutions. We ourselves take control over all the steps in the construction.

Home Galicia controls fundamentals that assure superior value by modeling the proposed structure in 3D (BIM/Revit), detailing and installing reinforcing steel, erecting formwork and batching concrete… all with our own forces. Our preconstruction services are comprehensive and provide our clients with highly predictable results.


Superior Value
We guarantee outcomes that are driven by client priorities.  Home Galicia has the tools to balance client cost, schedule, quality, and risk requirements.  We will undertake design in combination with self performance of the work to secure best possible value.


Comprehensive preconstruction services and highly developed planning processes shape planned outcomes.  Through self performance, we control events on the critical path, where our work is centered.  Home Galicia’s proven production, safety and quality processes assure achievement of client objectives.

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