We develop our construction and engineering activities in the civil engineering, building and services sectors, working for both Public Administrations and private clients. We have the capacity to assume – with the same responsibility – the project and the construction of a single-family dwelling that the process of a complex installation.

We conjugate the constructive quality with the good finishes in which the functionality and the aesthetic coherence coexist, transferring to our clients the guarantee and the tranquility of a job well done.


Concrete structures

We have a highly qualified team specializing in concrete structures, whether for public, civil or private works, being able to respond in each moment to the volume of work required and having the necessary equipment to carry out the required intervention . The logistics we have and the experienced staff are the best guarantee to meet your demands and meet the established work deadlines.
We specialize in forging works, walls, all kinds of concrete work and steel laying.


Traditional games

chapasWe carry out studies and proposals to introduce the traditional games in the various children’s spaces. Through pavements with exclusive and original designs, we will create a universe forged between the ludic tradition and the most modern graphic techniques, transforming a playground, a schoolyard or other facilities intended for these uses, into an interactive game space based In the intangible cultural heritage, that facilitates intergenerational and intercultural communication from knowledge, respect and enjoyment.

Hundreds of years and millions of girls and boys trying and improving the games that have been forming the ludic cultural heritage, are the best guarantee of a quality game. We have experts in the field, with years of experience in the design and organization of these spaces.

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