We work exclusively for Ourense with a Spanish manufacturing brand: TRESA Elevators. We bring added value to buildings by providing them with the most modern, comfortable and safe vertical transport solutions. We offer different solutions adapted to the architecture and finishes of each building.
The installation of an elevator in an old building does not depend exclusively on the stairwell. In our company you will find the complicity and the necessary advice of our architectural study, offering you the best solution for your needs, through the patio, rebuilding the stairwell or even the façade of the building.
No matter how small the vacant space may be or how old the building may look, we will try to provide you with a solution that suits your needs. Contact us and ask us for a valuation of your building.

What steps do you follow to install an elevator?
The first thing is to get in touch with us. A technician will visit the building to conduct a survey and send you a budget with the options that you consider most appropriate to your case. This visit, in addition to the budget, will not mean cost or commitment to our company. The same technician may attend meetings of the Board of Owners, to resolve any doubts that may arise.
Installation Process Once you have decided to install the elevator and sign the contract, the next step will be to make the project and request the Municipal Building License, which will take approximately 6 weeks. Upon receiving it, the work will enter into programming. Afterwards, it will proceed to the execution of the same, whose term may vary according to the type of system to be installed. Once this process is completed, a building manager will go to the building to verify that the execution of the same is appropriate to later proceed to legalization in front of the Industry Service and the issuance of the Final Act of work.

Are you worried about not having enough room on the stairs?
Well forget the worries, because your case is not the only one and also has a solution. There are different options for this: – Use the patio lights. – Perform the construction of a new staircase with the steps compensated to accommodate an elevator in its interior. – Construction of a new staircase “moved” to the outside of the building. – Use of a space within existing dwellings. We offer 2 years warranty and civil work of 10 years. In addition, we will inform you in each case of the subsidies and aid that you can enjoy, apart from offering our help and advice for the necessary procedures.


Trust us to maintain your elevator. We extend the lifespan of your lift in the best conditions, guaranteeing a service of maximum safety and reliability.

Services to your measure

• Maintenance of several brands.
• Effectiveness.
• Speed.
• Warranty.
• 24-hour service 365 days a year for emergency assistance.
• Original spare parts.
• Extensive network of Delegations and Points of Assistance.
• Preventive Maintenance.
• More than 30 years of experience of the TRESA brand, with more than 5,000 elevators in maintenance. Residential buildings, hospitals, town halls, hotels, museums, shopping centers, factories, shops, parking lots, offices, single-family homes, etc.
• Constant communication with the owner to inform of:
◦ Regulatory changes.
◦ General status of your computer.
◦ Mandatory revisions (OCAs).

Domestic Mobility. Comfort and Quality.
We work with home accessibility solutions with reliable and highly experienced systems, suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, both for new work and rehabilitation. High comfort, quiet and customizable systems.


• Conforms to Directive 2006/42 / EC.

• The best solution for short routes by incorporating a lift in very small spaces.

• Available with self-supporting metal struture.

• Available with or without cabin doors.

• Minimum requirements for pit, escape and hollow.

• Include a solution without a machine room.





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