We belong to a business group with extensive experience in the design, construction and rehabilitation of homes in rural areas, respecting the typology and traditional techniques as well as the character of the traditional Galician house. Always bet for the appropriate materials to each construction, looking for a good integration in the environment.

We have a team of professionals that make it possible to develop a project from the beginning to the final phase of execution, according to the needs of the client. In addition to the staff, we also have the machinery and the technical resources necessary to carry out these projects.

We know of the troubles that causes a rehabilitation. Well for necessity or for wanting to give a new air to the living or professional space, we will be able to adapt to your needs and preferences by finding the proposal that best fits your personality, without forgetting the functionality of the new space and trying at all times to avoid complications Rehabilitation.

Home Galicia will work alongside you in the concretion of ideas and in the definition of the project, will take care of the administrative procedures and the necessary bureaucratic procedures and will carry out the work under the three criteria that are proper to it: quality in construction, quality in The finishes and fulfillment of the agreed terms.

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